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For All Your SPORTING Needs

Meet Our Sales Team

Nate Cejka

Head of Sales


Jamie Greene

Sales Representative


Eric Reukauf

Sales Representative


Ryan Anderson

Sales Representative


Ryan Boylen

Sales Representative


Mark Farrell

Sales Representative


Aaron Hagemann

Sales Representative


Travis Korth

Sales Representative


About Us

    The Yeomans family has been in the sporting goods industry for over forty years and our passion for sporting goods runs deep. Our family business has witnessed the ebb and flow of brands, trends, and ever-evolving styles. This rich history has empowered us to curate a unique collection of garments and custom apparel that will propel us, our valued customers, and the industry in an exciting direction.

    At Sports World, we offer more than just athletic & casual footwear and accessories. We take great pride in our custom-made apparel, produced in collaboration with Dyesport, who are also owned by the Yeomans family. Dyesport specializes in creating high-quality athletic uniforms, primarily for high school and college markets. Dyesport's state-of-the-art cut and sewing operations ensure that every garment is crafted with precision and attention to detail. Additionally, our in-house custom graphics department allows us to bring your visions to life. With our embroidery, screen-printing, and dye sublimation services, we can create personalized designs that truly represent your unique style. No matter the sport, we have the perfect uniform for you.

    Sports World is more than just a retailer. We're a brand that understands your passion for sports and the importance of looking and feeling your best while pursuing your athletic endeavors. Join us on this journey as we redefine the world of sports apparel, one exceptional garment at a time.

Company Owners:

Scott Yeomans

Todd Yeomans

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